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15 March 2007 @ 02:02 pm
[H/J]:The Difference between Reality and Illusion- (1/1)  

Title: The Difference between Reality and Illusion-

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Hugh/Jennifer

A/N: Dedicated to the lovely infiniteskies. This is a short, no-sex fic, but it’s a start. RPF are fun to write…again, this is not beta’d…*Sigh* I really need to start doing that…:D

She doesn’t know how many scenes she’s done today.

There’s gossip, you know? A kiss.

She’s done it million of times with Jesse. It’s not hard, right?

But it’s him.

She watches his acting a lot. On TV, on the set, but-


“Shit,” he mutters, wiping the blood off his hands. It looks real, but she’s done this too often to throw up. She used to, but now…

“I’m thirsty,” he growls, and walks off the set, continually wiping his hand against the paper towel. It’s stained red- the color of-

She gets up, rolling her eyes, and heads toward the bathroom-the air is stifling. She needs a break- it’s 1:37 AM for God’s sake- and it’s not even her scene yet.

Her engagement ring glints in the dim lights. She ignores it- diamonds, cost what- 1,000$?


She turns around- he’s right behind her, staring at her red dress. Stalking.

“This stuff never comes off,” his British accent is thick-but she likes it. Australian on the other hand- quite annoying after sometime.

“You need some help?” she asks politely. For some reason, it’s not hot anymore. What happened?

“Sure,” he tries smiling, but she knows him too well (how?)-he’s pissed off. Scene cramming makes everyone ticked off.

She pulls some facial cleansers from her Coach purse (300$, Jesse got it on her birthday) and tears open the packet. While she gently rubs the red, sticky substance off, she glances up at his blue eyes. Those eyes. So piercing and ohmygawd-

He looks down at her, smiling gently. Her heart’s beating rapidly inside her chest. She’s not Cameron. This isn’t acting time-he has a wife.

“You know, these contacts really bug me,” she says casually, trying to distract herself. (the white dress cost 900$.)

“You should ask David to use the glasses. I think they look better. You look smart,” he jokes. Yet a smile flitters across her face. What is she doing?

“I think I will,” she sighs, and throws the last tissue in the trash. “God, I’m so tired.”

He grabs her wrist suddenly, and pulls her close to him. She looks up uneasily at him. The eyes have changed. Everything has changed.

“What are you doing?” she hisses. “This is a public-“

“Practicing. For the kiss, you’ve heard about it, right?” he whispers gently in her ear. She likes him being this close-

What is she thinking? The dress. The purse. The engagement ring. They have no meaning, all of a sudden.

He places his lips on hers, and for once, they both stop thinking. About the future, the past, the present, the fact that  they’re in a studio and that somebody might be watching, the fact that she’s engaged and he’s married with kids, the fact that he’s Hugh and she’s Jennifer and they’re not acting anymore-

It’s practice, right? No big deal. But as he pulls her out of the building to get in the car (nobody will find out) she thinks it’s something more.

Acting. It’s what they do.



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nikita34nikita34 on March 15th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
This was great!! Awesome job. I loved that their excuse is 'practice,' heh heh, nice.
didiliciadidilicia on December 2nd, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
you should write more these jen & hugh fic! I love it!