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Fated Angst

I'm not strong enough to say no
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This is a fan community (the first I believe) for the real life pairing
of Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison from Fox's hit drama 'House M.D.'.

•Please make sure you actually pair Hugh Laurie with Jennifer Morrison.

If you don't, then why are you here?

•New member? If you are new to the community and would like to introduce yourself please use the Introduction Post.

•Posting: Post whatever you like, as long as it in someway relates to Hugh, Jennifer, Hugh and Jennifer, or even House and Cameron.

•What Must Be Under A Cut: Please place any long polls/quizzes/et cetera under a cut.

•Moderation: The community is currently moderated full time. All
posts are approved or rejected as soon as possible.

•FAQ: If you have a question regarding the community please don't
hesitate to message me.

It's interesting to see how Cameron and House's relationship is so natural for us.
-- Jennifer Morrison [RE: Hugh Laurie]